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League of Xtraordinary Gentlewomen (and Bob)

Congratulations to our 2018 Xconomy Awards winners!

KI member Angela Belcher, the James Mason Crafts Professor, won the Innovation at the Intersection Award for using materials science and nanotechnology to create cancer imaging agents that could one day help surgeons find and remove small tumors that they currently can’t see during surgery.

Nancy Hopkins, KI member and MIT Professor Emerita, won a Lifetime Achievement Award for her pioneering research on tumor-causing viruses and the genes controlling vertebrate development, as well as her pioneering use of a tape-measure as an elegant tool for fighting gender discrimination in science. See Hopkins receive her award (with a standing ovation) in this photo gallery​. Hopkins also interviewed with Scientific American about the recent Nobel wins for Frances H. Arnold and Donna Strickland and her hopes for the recognition of female achievement in science in the future.

The Human Cell Atlas (HCA), a project co-chaired by KI member Aviv Regev that aims to map out all human cell types and their interactions, was named Xconomy’s 2018 Big Idea. Read more about Regev and the HCA at MIT Technology Review and Wired.

The Xconomy winners received their awards as part of Biotech Week Boston, during which KI member and MIT President Emerita Susan Hockfield gave a keynote address on the convergence of biology and engineering in the 21st century, and Robert Langer, David H. Koch Institute Professor, had a fireside chat with Lyndra co-founder and CEO Amy Schulman on high impact ideas and use-inspired research.