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Curious about the scientific endeavor? Looking for some pre-summer reading or listening? Sit down with brand new Whitehead Institute Fellow Kristin Knouse, a recent alumna of the Amon Lab (and 2014 Image Awards winner), as she talks fundamental biology with Tabula Synthase and shares lessons learned from her MD/PhD journey. Or, join KI graduate student Lauren Stopfer on the GLiMPSE podcast (fun fact: Spranger Lab postdoc Tim Fessenden is one of the new co-hosts!) to share insights about her work in the White Lab, graduate admissions at MIT, and what it means to "look like a scientist." Finally, get to know immunologist Kaitlyn Sadtler, a current Image Awards winner, Marble Center for Cancer Nanomedicine Convergence Scholar, TED Fellow, and postdoc in the Anderson/Langer lab through her interview with The Female Scientist, offering reflections and advice for aspiring scientists and engineers. From success to failure, confidence to doubt, and everything in between, their stories are sure to inspire, educate, and engage. And, for more "I knew them when" stories, check out this video from Dickinson College, featuring new Jacks Lab technician Grace Crossland.