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The Boom Where It Happens

What is progress and how does it come to be? Journalist Karen Weintraub went behind the scenes of Kendall Square's "Bio Boom" on WBUR's Common Health, speaking with KI members Susan Hockfield and Eric Lander, and Frequency Therapeutics CEO David Lucchino, about what makes our local neighborhood, the Heart of Biotech, so special, and what the sector can do to sustain this dynamic trajectory of growth. In a separate feature, she spoke with KI member Robert Langer and others about the ups and downs of life in the biotech startups fastlane.     Boston Globe correspondent Scott Kirsner examined the past, present, and future to unravel the secret to Boston's innovation economy. KI member and biotech guru Phillip Sharp, also heard on WBUR discussing how Kendall Square became the epicenter of the biotech world, was among those interviewed.