Named Spaces: Upper Floors  

Laboratories: State-of-the-art space for 25 faculty-lead advanced science and engineering laboratories, home to many of the world's most accomplished and promising cancer researchers.

Faculty Office Suites: Located at the central axis of each of the five research floors, each suite provides office space for three or four Koch Institute faculty members.

Tea Rooms: Centrally located on each of the five laboratory floors and heavily used by scientists and engineers, because food and beverages are not permitted in lab spaces. These are important focal points for collaborative problem solving.

Lobbies: Central to each research floor. Bright, glass-walled, and vital to the KI's community-building concept. On floors 2 through 5, the lobbies include an open seating area for regular interaction between researchers.

Seminar Rooms: Larger meeting rooms hosting weekly lab group meetings, presentations, and more.

Meeting Rooms: Vital team interaction spaces for data review, shared problem solving, and dynamic white-board sessions.


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For more information on making a named space gift at the Koch Institute, please contact:

Lisa Marks Schwarz
Managing Director of Development 
Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT, 76-158
Cambridge, MA 02319 

Phone: 617-324-7399