Named Spaces: First Floor

Public Gallery: A new public gateway to the KI and MIT: a highly visible, glass-walled space, open to the public, and hosting exhibits illustrating KI projects and the importance of biomedical research.

Lobby: Gifts are sought to name this prominent space to honor the contributions of Salvador E. Luria, founder of the MIT Center for Cancer Research in 1974, and the other founding faculty of the CCR – the source of three decades of Nobel Prize-worthy cancer research. Luria  Fund >>

Auditorium: An important new convening space at MIT – a 2,800-square-foot, 195-seat auditorium hosting scientific and engineering presentations open to the MIT community and the public.

Café: An 1,800 square foot dining venue, open to the Koch Institute, MIT, and Kendall Square communities, with patio dining during warmer weather.

Central Stairway ("The Idea Highway"): A wide, attractive, glass-walled six-story stairway centrally located in the lobby core of the building and purposefully designed to encourage the free flow of people and ideas.

Headquarters (HQ) Suite: Houses the KI's finance, administration, and grants management offices, which support the financial management needs of all 25 KI laboratories and the SBC.

Director's Suite: The offices of the Director, Executive Director and executive team, and hosting meetings of some of the KI's most prominent visitors.

HQ Reading Room: A glass-walled space overlooking MIT green space: a quiet and much-valued sanctuary for students and researchers.

Reception Area: Open and welcoming first stop for the KI's many visitors.

HQ Meeting Room: Serving the daily planning and communications needs of the KI community.


Gallery of architect's renderings


For more information on making a named space gift at the Koch Institute, please contact:

Lisa Marks Schwarz
Managing Director of Development 
Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT, 76-158
Cambridge, MA 02319 

Phone: 617-324-7399