Named Spaces  

A wide selection of physical spaces are available for naming within the Koch Institute's facility. Named space gifts will support the construction of these facilities and, in some case, the equipment and programming of those spaces.

First Floor

The first floor of the Koch Institute's new advanced cancer research facility features a range of elegant, glass-walled, light-filled spaces serving the public and the KI's large research community. more >>

Floors 2 through 6

Each upper floor of the Koch Institute hosts engineering and science labs adjacently located and sharing comfortable and spacious central common spaces designed to encourage a high level of interaction and shared discovery between disciplines. more >>

Shared technical facilities

Each of the 14 business units that will comprise the Swanson Biotechnology Center of the Koch Institute may be named with a gift that will support the construction and outfitting of these highly sophisticated facilities. download a PDF >>

For more information on making a named space gift at the Koch Institute, please contact:

Lisa Marks Schwarz
Managing Director of Development 
Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT, 76-158
Cambridge, MA 02319 

Phone: 617-324-7399