Nikon Spinning-disk Confocal Microscope with TIRF Module

Nikon Spinning-disk Confocal Microscope with TIRF module


  • Nikon Ti inverted microscope with XYZ motorized stage with environment chamber (temperature control and CO2 delivery)
  • Perfect focus with motorized nose piece
  • Agilent Dual Fiber Laser (405, 488, 561, 640 nm)
  • McBain-Yokogawa spinning disk confocal head with fiber optic input
  • Spectra 7 wavelengths solid state illumination fluorescence source
  • Objectives: Nikon 4X, 10X DIC, 20X, 40X DIC, 60X DIC 1.4 NA, 100X DIC 1.4 NA, Apo TIRF 100X 1.45 NA, Apo TIRF 100X 1.49 NA
  • Nikon TIRF back illuminator with fiber optic input
  • Andor Clara camera for confocal imaging
  • Photometrics CoolSnap HQ camera for TIRF and wide field epifluorescence and live imaging
  • Nikon NIS Elements Acquisition software