Services & Fees

The Hope Babette Tang (1983) Histology Facility at the Koch Institute at MIT is available to researchers interested in producing quality frozen, paraffin-embedded, or resin-embedded sections of murine and zebrafish tissues.

We are happy to meet with any interested individuals to discuss ways in which we can assist ongoing or future projects. After submitting your request through iLab, please bring your specimen to the Facility. Contact Core staff for iLab registration instructions.

The following fee schedule in effect as of July 1, 2014:

Paraffin processing only (includes cassette) $1.15 per block
Embedding only $1.15 per block
Processing, sectioning, and H&E staining $5.00 per block
Additional H&E stained slide $3.70 per slide
Additional unstained slide $3.15 per slide
Histochemical special stain $10.50 per slide
IHC (researcher provides primary) $11.50 per slide
IHC (cleaved caspase-3, Ki67) $15.00 per slide
IHC (researcher provides primary and secondary) $5.75 per slide
IHC double stain (researcher provides primary) $23.00 per slide
IHC double stain (researcher provides primary and secondary) $11.50 per slide
Frozen or Resin-embedded sectioning $3.60 per slide
Serial sectioning $300 plus cost of supplies
Training $60 per hour

Please note: rates are set periodically, based on operating costs and in accordance with MIT and NCI policies. They are reviewed and approved annually by the MIT Office of Cost Analysis. Services are billed at the rate listed on the date of service delivery. Surcharges, in addition to these base fees, will be applied to any lab not affiliated with the Koch Institute.

Please come by to see the Tang Histology Facility, located in Building 76, Room 182 (x8-8183). We are happy to give you a tour.

Routine stain

Our basic staining technique is the Hematoxylin and Eosin stain.  This is recognized as a diagnostic stain throughout the clinical and research community.  Please use the Service Request Form to order this stain.

Special stains

The following non-IHC stains may be a useful adjunct to the IHC stains you may currently be using. Please use the Special Stain Request Form.

Carbohydrate stains

  • PAS (+/- diastase digestion) for neutral mucins and glycogen
  • Alcian blue for acid mucopolysaccharides

Connective tissue stains

  • Trichrome for collagen and smooth muscle
  • Verhoeff-Van Gieson for elastic fibers
  • PTAH for skeletal muscle
  • Oil Red O for lipid (frozen sections only)

Hematological stains

  • Wright Giemsa for blood smears or tissue
  • Toluidine blue for mast cells

Nerve stains

  • Luxol Fast blue for myelin
  • Cresyl Echt Violet for nissl substance

Immunohistochemical stains

We employ a polymer-based technology to perform immunohistochemical stains.  It is necessary for the user to supply the primary antibody and the unstained slides.  We have the reagents to use with mouse, rat, rabbit and goat primaries on mouse or rat tissue.  Please use the Immunohistochemical Stain Request Form.