Mice Available from the Rippel Mouse Repository

Updated July 2015

All mice listed are housed in the super-clean, barrier facility and can be transferred to any animal facility on the MIT campus. These colonies are maintained at a minimal level to reduce cost and it may take a few weeks to provide more than 3-4 mice. Please plan ahead.

To order mice, please create a request in iLab (see Forms for more info)


Mouse StrainExpression ProfileBackgroundJAX strain or Ref.
CMV-Cre All cells by E3.5, X-linked,  a "Deletor-Cre" B6 006054
FLP -B6 Thermostable, Flp Recombinase with hB-actin promoter, expresses in all cells by E10.5 B6


TPA-/- NeoR, Great for MEFs and feeders mixed Carmeliet et al. 1994

Wild-Type Mice Available for Backcrossing
Jaxmice C57BL/6j 000664
129S4/SvJae 009104