Please note: rates are set periodically, based on operating costs and in accordance with MIT and NCI policies. They are reviewed and approved annually by the MIT Office of Cost Analysis. Current rates effective Feb 2013.

Each service is described in detail on the Services page.

Starting Monday September 17, 2012, the ES Cell & Transgenics Core is excited to start using iLab, an online system to streamline the process of ordering and billing for core service requests. Information is available on the Forms page.

ServiceDescriptionMIT-KIMIT (non-KI)*
Gene Targeting in ES cells Gene targeting with 240-300 colonies picked $2000 $3950
  Small targeting, picking 96 colonies or fewer $1450 $2700
  Assistance with transgenic vector design FREE FREE
  Please start by reading our "Beginner’s Guide to Gene Targeting" on Methods    

Injection of DNA or virus into pre-implantation, diploid embryos (C57BL6 or Balb/c)

Requests for Pronucler injection of DNA (PNI) or injection of virus are processed by DCM.   Please see the DCM website (MIT Certificates Required) for more details and for the DCM forms to request these services.

$1350 $1750

Injection of ES cells into pre-implantation, diploid embryos (C57BL6 or Balb/c)

$1350 $1750
  Injection of F1 hybrid ES cells into CD-1 tetraploid blastocysts $2010 $2700
  Fee for each additional recipient mouse
$50 $50

Culture of ES cells and preparation for blastocyst injection




Prepare and Ship 1 or 2 mouse ES lines for Karyotyping at CLG

Each additional line added to a shipment to CLG 

(Cell Line Genetics charges $475 per line for karyotyping)



Pathogen Tests ES cells imported from outside MIT will be expanded and submitted to DCM (DCM charge of $470 for testing at RADIL, not included) $180 $255
Mice Repository Mouse Strains expressing tissue-specific Cre, Flp or EGFP as well as controls. See Repository Mice Available. varies by strain
Training Training options include, but are not limited to:

Generation of MEFs

Isolation of mouse embryos

Isolation and culture of blastocysts

Generation of ES cell lines

Culture of ES cells

Differentiation of ES cells to specific tissue type

Optimizing breeding conditions for mice
$55/hr $82.50/hr
Reagents Vials of 3x10'6 irradiated MEFs for use as feeders $10 $15
  Vial of p1 MEFs $50 $75
  Vial of germline-proven ES cells $250 $375
  Media, Serum, and ESGRO for ES cell culture at cost  

Other services such as cryopreservation of sperm and embryos, IVF, and genotyping are also available. Please see the DCM website (Certificates Required) for more details.

* Due to parameters established by our funding, we are NOT able to provide any services to non-MIT investigators. If you are interested, the following Transgenic Facilities will provide targeting in ES cells for other academic institutions:
Baylor | Emory | Stanford