Facility Sponsors

National Cancer Institute

Animal Imaging &
Preclinical Testing


The Animal Imaging & Preclinical Testing Core Facility assists and accelerates the process of moving scientific breakthroughs from the bench tops of the Koch Institute to the clinics for cancer patients.

Our primary goal is to support and encourage the translational efforts using refined mouse models of human cancers to test:

  • Chemotherapeutic response and drug resistance
  • Biosensors for tumor detection and monitoring
  • Diagnostic assays
  • Cancer vaccines
  • Drug delivery systems and tumor-targeted modalities

In addition to providing assistance with design, approval and execution of relevant preclinical trials, the facility also provides access to instrumentation for in vivo, whole animal imaging, including bioluminescence, fluorescence, ultrasound and microCT technologies.

Access is typically reserved for KI members. In some circumstances, access may be available to non-member MIT users (details available on request from the Facility Coordinator).